The best types of Turkish marble in 2024

The best types of Turkish marble for the year 2024 and the prices of Turkish marble for the year 2024 Turkish marble is considered one of Turkey's most important natural products, which is manufactured on Turkish soil and exported to all parts of the world. Turkish marble has witnessed great development in recent years, [...]


Additional services for projects

Many of our clients have different requirements from the Turkish market related to the projects that we supply with marble Such as the work of preparing sanitary ware, doors, furniture, and the like In this regard, our company provides the necessary support services free of charge in all that is required to achieve the benefit [...]


Free consultation service

Because we always strive to provide the best service, we offer all those interested in the marble sector free consultation services in everything related to the work of manufacturing, supplying and installing marble. We are pleased to receive all your inquiries via the direct WhatsApp line on the site


Export and shipping service

We provide shipping services to all ports of the world and in some countries we offer shipping service down to the project land according to the ideal technical conditions that guarantee the safety of products and the speed of their arrival in an optimal manner


Customization service

Through our presence in the Republic of Turkey, which is the largest source of natural marble ores in the world and with the availability of all kinds of raw materials we have in addition to the availability of the latest production technologies We can meet the requirements of your projects and wholesale warehouses with all [...]


Online quality control service

Global markets have recently witnessed a lot of turmoil due to travel restrictions, and because marble is a natural material that requires quality control in its production Our company is unique in being the first company in this field that provides quality control service online by providing direct accompaniment to the stages of production, [...]


Supervising the implementation of projects

Marble is a natural material and achieving homogeneity that gives the desired aesthetic requires great experience that many installation and implementation cadres do not have in this field. We provide the implementation supervision service for our projects all over the world through a specialized engineering cadre who organizes a field visit to the project and [...]


Initial designs support service for projects

The specialist may give you the aesthetic design that is satisfactory for you, but in fact some workers in the field of design and decoration do not have sufficient experience about natural marble Through our work in dozens of projects, we often noticed that many of these designs are far from reality in terms of [...]


Production plans financing service

Our company provides this service to marble factories that have a production line and a qualified workforce and do not have sufficient funding for their business plan, or they lack sufficient experience to launch a production plan that suits the requirements of global markets Where our company provides raw materials and financing the production plan [...]


Supply service for marbel companies and wholesale warehouses

Our company supplies commercial companies and wholesale warehouses in all global markets with their requirements of Turkish marble, in addition to marketing support services, market studies and support for the establishment of new companies and contribute to the preparation of effective work plans that contribute to the success of the work of our valued customers [...]

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