About Marmo Rocks

We are a working cadre that includes a group of engineering, technical and legal competencies from specialists in the field of investing marble mines, manufacturing and exporting Turkish marble, quality matching systems and supervising engineering projects related to natural marble and its accessories, with more than ten years of experience in the Turkish marble market and markets Globalism

Our activity began in the Republic of Turkey in the year 2011 in the field of manufacturing and exporting Turkish marble
And with the changes of global markets and the foundations of international trade and with the expansion of our activity around the world, we put in your hands today our new brand MARMO ROCKS to be our new front towards the world
Which represents the outcome of cooperation between the Turkish market and the Italian market in order to integrate the advantage of the diversity of Turkish materials and the development of Italian industry techniques.

The ultimate goal is for our customers to obtain the finest natural marble materials with the best specifications and prices

Our activity is concentrated in several sectors related to the natural marble industry, starting from investing marble mines and exporting raw marble blocks, up to customized manufacturing services, managing supply and supply plans for huge warehouses all over the world, and ending with supply management work for engineering projects with different requirements and design support services. And supervising the implementation all over the world with the launch of a unique service that is considered the first of its kind in the world of marble, which is an online quality control service, which we considered to have become necessary in the world of marble industry after the recent changes and the obstacles to travel around the world





A group of special projects